Looking for fun and educational opportunities happening during Summer 2020? Join us in making this summer a Summer of STEM! We've compiling a list of Southeast Iowa's science, technology, engineering and math summer camps for you to take advantage of!  Recommended programs not on the list can be sent to Kristine Bullock at  

Check out the excellent list of programs here.



The STEM Council is collaborating with the following agencies and organizations to provide access to educational enrichment options for students, parents and educators during the temporary disruption of classroom learning due to COVID-19:

Many of the resources have been added to respond to the need caused by COVID-19 and, aside from the STEM Scale-Up Programs, have not been through a full approval or review process. The STEM Council may remove a resource that has not been through a full approval or review process at any time.

STEM Scale-Up Programs

Many of the STEM Scale-Up Program providers have shared access to resources for parents and students at home. This list will continue to be updated as new opportunities are available.

Bootstrap: Data Science - Bootstrap provides online materials with engaging introductions to computer programming and integrates with math concepts in prealgebra, algebra, and data science, suitable for 7th-12th grade with no prior coding experience and compatible with PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Carolina STEM Curriculum - Carolina is committed to supporting educators, especially under these unique circumstances. Carolina has put together weekly lesson plans with free resources (and no obligations) for K-5 science – life, earth, and physical. Research Modules have been made available for 6th-8th grade science and a site for high school educators is in development. A few of those lesson plans are highlighted below: Computer Science - provides a variety of resources for students and families to learn about computer science. Activities are available for all ages and for students without computer or internet access. Accounts, resources, and activities are all free. 

Desmos - Desmos has compiled activities, webinars, new features, and community especially designed for this time of school closure for 6th through 8th grade. Dilation Mini Golf is one of many activities available and allows students to explore what happens when they dilate a single point from a center through playing rounds of mini golf! They move from informal to formal ways of determining the relationships between the center, the pre-image, the image, and the scale factor.

Hand2Mind - hand2mind is excited to introduce teach@home: Daily Lessons & Activities for K-5th grade students, a series of free daily lessons and activities created and delivered by teachers. Each week you will find an easy-to-follow schedule, by grade, for K-5th grade students and daily grade-specific video lessons, like this STEM bin video. You will also find worksheets for the Math and Literacy lessons as well as a daily STEM activity, including this decimals and fractions mathematics activity for Grade 5.

ST Math - No-cost access to ST Math, for grades K-8th grade through June 30, 2020. Parents can sign their students up for free. Schools and school districts can also be set up with free access to the ST Math curriculum and platform, so students can keep the learning happening at home. 


Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

6 Virtual Reality 3D headsets are available for checkout.  Students can use the headsets to view STEM career videos, explore the world beyond the classroom and much more.  Educators will need to have access to a smart phone device to use with the glasses (typically student's personal device).  The specific headsets can be found here.

If interested in checking out the glasses, click here.

Pint Size Science

Pint Size Science kits from the Science Center of Iowa focus on STEM curriculum for 3-5 year olds (though it can be adapted for younger and older students).  We currently offer the "Science Sprouts" kit which comes with the curriculum, materials, and implementation training.

If interested in checking out a kit or for more information, click here.

A World in Motion Activity Kits

Are you working with primary or elementary students and in need of an activity that is fun and engaging? Well you're in luck! A World in Motion Activity Kits are now available for check out! Benchmarked to national standards, each of the activity kits incorporate the laws of physics, motion, flight, and electronics into age-appropriate hands on activities that reinforce classroom STEM curriculum.  Three types of kits are currently offered for checkout:

  • Rollings Things Challenge
  • JetToy Challenge
  • Gravity Cruiser Design Challenge

If interested in checking out a kit or for more information on the kits available, click here.