Johnson County STEM Festival Brings Community Together

The evening of October 10th marked the SE Iowa STEM Hub's first annual Johnson County STEM Festival, bringing together nearly 1,400 children, parents, and STEM enthusiasts from across the region. The Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa proved to be an excellent facility to host the jam-packed event.

Dozens of Johnson County businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions organized booths for festival-goers to interact with. The University of Iowa's National Advanced Driving Simulator demonstrated the effects of texting and driving by having kids get behind the wheel. No licence required! Integrated DNA Technologies showed the kids how to collect and examine DNA samples. Perhaps the biggest hit of the night was the night was South Slope's Absolute Science show, featuring live demonstrations of captivating science experiments. Each activity certainly gave viewers the opportunity to learn about career fields in STEM.

Johnson County is known as one of the most diverse counties in Iowa, and its STEM Festival was no exception. Of all the attendees, an estimated 52.4 percent were of minority racial or ethnic background. The Governor's STEM Advisory Council strives to 

To view more photos, check out the #JoCoSTEMFest Facebook Album!

make STEM more accessible to children and parents of all backgrounds, and we are honored to bring together a diverse community of science and math lovers.

The SE Iowa STEM Hub Team would like to thank all attendees who came to the event, as well as the hundreds of exhibitors and volunteers that made it possible. We hope to see you all again next year! To find information about all upcoming SE Iowa STEM events, visit our Events page.