CornCon Cyber Security Conference Returning for a 5th Year

The Southeast Iowa STEM Hub is proud to partner with the Quad Cities Cybersecurity Alliance for the 5th Annual CornCon Five-0: QC Cybersecurity Conference, Workshop and Kids' Camp September 6 - 7 at St. Ambrose University in Davenport.  The event seeks to raise awareness to cybersecurity threats, offer solutions, and inspire the next generation of security professionals to prepare and defend against cybersecurity threats.

Friday, September 7 will feature a workshop for business leaders and IT professionals, taught by information security executives. The general conference will commence on Saturday, September 7, with a full day of expert speakers, hands on workshops and contests.  The Saturday conference also offers children an opportunity to learn about the field of cybersecurity. The kids' hacker camp, known as The Children of The CornCon, will introduce 100 kids to 20+ STEM related activities, including: lockpicking, coding, electronics, cryptography, privacy and the ethical use of technology. 

Kids are great with technology," says John Johnson, CornCon Co-Founder and Conference Chair. "When you understand technology and how it can be vulnerable, you have a responsibility to use that knowledge to promote safety, privacy and security and defend against cybercriminals. We show kids the benefits of technology and the risks. Making and breaking, hacking and learning, while instilling an ethical framework for the creation and use of technology."  Registration and additional information can be found on the conference website: